Looking Glass CDC - DeWittOur programs are designed around the HighScope Curriculum.  HighScope’s extensive research, history, child-focused curriculum, and strong training and support programs for educators give young children the very best chance at long-term success.

Infants and Toddlers

HighScope’s Infant-Toddler Curriculum uses a carefully designed process of learning through discovery, or active learning. During active learning, infants and toddlers learn about the world around them by exploring and playing.

In our infant classrooms, our teachers strive to maintain a soothing atmosphere that recognizes each child’s own natural rhythms.  As our infants grow to toddlers, our teachers begin encouraging independence through a more structured schedule.

Both our infant and toddler curriculums focus on six key areas of development including both physical development and health, communication, language and literacy, cognitive development, social and emotional development, and creative arts.


Preschoolers are increasingly independent and are encouraged to express themselves artistically, explore academic areas of interest, and further develop their social relationships.  Our preschool programs take learning beyond the traditional classroom to promote independence, curiosity, problem solving, creativity, and decision making.  Through our curriculum, our teachers continue to build on the six key areas of development while adding in additional science, social studies, mathematics, and technology.

Before and After School Care

We offer a before and after school club for children ages five through twelve.  Our club members receive homework help, explore creative expression, sports, technology, music, games, and enjoy some downtime with friends.


Language, music, and yoga are just some of the various enrichment programs that we offer at Looking Glass CDC. Our hands-on activities and experiences combine play and learning, offering each child opportunities to explore and construct knowledge about the world.

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